Supply Chains

10 August, 2022

A detailed study of seafood sold by Carrefour suggests profit yields in the store were lowest for the most-overfished species. The research found significant financial benefits to be gained from sustainable sourcing and transparent seafood supply chains. To help retailers assess the sustainability of their seafood products, a tool, the Seafood Sustainability Protocol, was developed […]

8 March, 2021

Today, six of Europe’s most accomplished chefs sent a letter to Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) asking them to vote in favour of increasing public access to information about the legality and sustainability of seafood. This week, MEPs will vote on the revision of the EU’s fisheries Control Regulation, a system of monitoring, inspection […]

15 September, 2020

Seafood Source News summarises the outcome of the European Parliament’s Environment Committee vote on key amendments of the Control Regulation. The article lists the key outcomes and details the Coalition’s call to action for the Fisheries Committee (PECH) in its upcoming vote. Quotes from Oceana Europe Campaign Director for Illegal Fishing and Transparency Vanya Vulperhorst and […]