Holes in the Net: reports and media coverage discussing EU fisheries control and potential weaknesses

NOTE: Clicking one of the links that pops up when hovering over a specific country will redirect you to a third-party web page.  The group of NGOs that have compiled these links do not necessarily endorse or support the information contained in such third-party websites, nor do the NGOs verify the accuracy or quality of the third-party pages.

Harmonised regulation requires a shared understanding of goals and solutions. By identifying reports and articles that discuss potential weaknesses in the application of fisheries control measures at a regional level, we can push to close loopholes that have previously undermined a co-ordinated response to overfishing that transcends the borders of EU Member States.

The EU Fisheries Control Coalition has identified and created a map linking to reports and media coverage discussing EU fisheries control and potential issues in the application of relevant EU measures. Clicking on a specific country within the map will reveal a list of links to documents relevant to each country.

The reports and/or articles linked to in this map are provided solely as general information. It may not contain the most up to date information. Some of the cases highlighted by the articles linked to in this map might be subject to investigative, administrative or judicial processes. Linking of reports and articles the EU Fisheries Control Coalition does not constitute an endorsement of content by these organisations. In addition, the organisations in the group are not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of such contents. Any error in translation should not be inferred as endorsement or ruling upon the featured cases.