SeafoodSource: EU’s move to crack down on Ireland’s fishing controls could expose fishing firms to legal problems

Date: 12 May 2021

SeafoodSource discusses the EU’s decision to cancel a derogation for Ireland on how the country’s catch is weighed and explores issues of how and where catches are weighed in Ireland.

Nick Goetschalckx, ClientEarth Fisheries Lawyer and part of the EU Fisheries Control Coalition is criticises the proposed increase to the margin of tolerance in what fishermen are allowed to report, saying it would “even further open up a pathway to massive overfishing and undermining the E.U.’s Common Fisheries Policy.”

““Implementation of the control rules is the cornerstone of sustainable European fisheries. Indeed, the control regulation is about counting the fish taken out of the sea to make sure that scientific assessments are reliable and total allowable catches [to be] sustainable. To count the fish, we need to have reliable figures provided by weighing of the fish at landings on certified scales.”

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